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Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF/VRV)

Variant refrigerant flow system installed for a commercial client on the roof

What is VRF? Simply put, it is an HVAC system that performs at high capacity, using a ductless technology used in large scale operations.

Brantworth Mechanical provides high efficiency VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) solutions for their commercial clients. VRF aka Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) is an HVAC technology that uses refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium. This refrigerant is conditioned by one single or multiple condensing units condition the refrigerant which is then distributed to multiple units indoors.

Brantworth Mechanical is an excellent option for VRF installs. Projects get completed quickly, issues get dealt with promptly, and they're not afraid to take the time to understand, design, and build solutions that are both creative and effective for HVAC equipment and controls. They are a pleasure to work with and you can count on them for a clean install that does exactly what you want your HVAC system to do and even more.

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DXS Engineering

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VRF has been in use worldwide for over 30 years. Variable Refrigerant Flow allows multiple indoor units in different areas of the building to run on the same systemVRF system. Simultaneous heating and cooling can be provided by a heat pump system or a heat recovery system. Being so versatile, VRF systems can be customized to ensure efficient heating and cooling for most buildings, including different temperatures for different sections.

Variable Refrigerant Flow units are perfect for areas with limited space because of their small, lightweight and sleek design. Since ducts aren't needed, installations are less intrusive and are perfect for retrofitting into older buildings or unconventional spaces.

If you are a commercial, or industrial operation VRF is a great technogy to provide heating and cooling in multiple areas of your building.

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