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Commercial & Industrial Chillers

Used in refrigeration, air conditioning, and other industrial cooling projects, a chiller's task is to remove the heat from a liquid using what is called vapour compression or absorption. Brantworth Mechanical recognizes the importance of a quality chiller and it's role in the cooling performance of a building's HVAC system. We can help you choose the right equipment for your buliding, with emphasis on efficiency, maintenance, and cost comparisions to your existing equipment.

Installation & Service

After going over your current system with a full inspection, we'll know exactly what you need to extend it's life, and develop a cost-efficent regular maintence plan, and we're also available 24/7 for those unexpected service needs. Routine measurements of performance, and temperature let you know how efficiently your current system is running, and help make building maintenance a breeze!

Retrofitting & Repair

If your current system isn't as energy efficent in comparision to industry standards, a retrofit might be in order for your building. Brantworth Mechanical will go over all the factors and areas of concern with their customers, so they know whether or not replacing an entire system is the way to go, retrofiting their current setup, or simply repairing key components.

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