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Radiant Tube Heater Installation & Service

Radiant Tube heating, sometimes refered to as Infared Heating works to provide heat to objects below, rather than forcing that heat into the air around them. The Radient Tube Heating systems installed by Brantworth Mechanical operate in a clean and efficient manner keeping your building or workspace at warm comfortable temperatures.

How does Radiant Tube Work?

Heat radiating is simply a transfer of energy from the tube to the objects, people and floors of the building or room it is in. This heat is created by burning natural gas with a small flame inside a tube fixed to the ceiling that transfers or radiates the heat downwards.

Using a method quite similar to how the sun heats the earth, it gently warms people and objects by radiating heat towards them. Heat is then radiated back into the space around them as the energy transfers back out of them. This means greater comfort at ground level, and less heat being lost to the ceiling, making Radiant Tube Heating a very efficient form of temperature control.

The Benefits of Radiant Tube Heating

  • Reduced Energy Consumption between 20% - 50%
  • Clean burning with low harmful emissions
  • Greater indoor air quality
  • More precise control on where heat is provided
  • Quality components and low maintenance needs

Since Radiant Tube Heating uses between 20% - 50% less fuel then comparable systems, that translates into savings back in your pockets, sometimes almost paying for the system in it's first year of use! You can also pad your savings from reduced energy use with savings from reduced regular maintenance costs. Definitely a win-win for your business.

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